Major League Hacking 2022 Hackathon Season

Hack The World 2021

Join us in the world's largest student-led hackathon presented by the NeuralWorks Community. For 48 hours and fully virtual, meet new people, learn new skills and have fun while showcasing your talents!

Early 2022

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Estimated Figures

1500+ Hackers

6 Continents

100+ Projects

The Tracks

This year at HTW, the track theme is: Global Problems

We look to invoke projects that solve real world problems affecting the globe. The tracks have been split up to cover 3 different parts of the world that suffer from various problems that need solving. We have listed some example problems but encourage you to think of your own! The tracks are:


Example problems:

  • Overpopulation
  • Rapid Urbanisation
  • Health Care
  • Income Inequality


Example problems:

  • Fake News
  • Education Prices
  • Health Care
  • Immigration

Africa/Middle East

Example problems:

  • Education
  • Food Distribution
  • Corruption
  • Vaccine Distribution

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The Team

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General Manager

Pauline Brusset


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Crislana Rafael


Avinash U.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question's)

A hackathon is an invention marathon. Thoughts become things. Attendees work in teams of up with other people to hack together a prototype to solve a problem; this could be a web app, hardware-hack, or something completely different.

Yes. Free for spectators. Free for participants.

Not at all! People from all levels and background are welcome to register for our event. We will ensure you are paired up with more experienced coders for the best possible experience. Teams will also need people with brilliant ideas.

Anything! A website, a mobile app, a game, a physical hardware project. Anything. If it fits into a hackathon track, even better!

While you do have the option of working alone, HackTheWorld is a team event so working with others is encouraged. There are a few ways to find teammates: You can pick your team from people you already know, post in our meetup group to other members, find a team member via our DevPost, meet them at a pre-hackathon info sessions (details on events page), or at the kickoff party. We are also creating new ways of matching team members together. This will be released later!

Absolutely. Check out our devpost page for details.

At HTW, we are taking a new approach to judging. If you ever been to a hackathon before, you know that the judging, well sucks... Favouring fancy looking UI's and nice presentations over real working solutions. We are going to change that. We are going to use a rubric grading system that will be announced at the opening ceremony. Also, we are looking to have many judges therefore allowing us to spend more time comparing each project. At HTW, the best team really does win!

The event will be totally online, hosted on our discord server. Some events may be on other platforms, but these will be arranged at a later time! The event will be streamed everywhere, including: Twitch, Youtube, Zoom.

Any other question? Reach out to us: